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3 Travel Tips I Can’t Live Without that Make Traveling Easy (Especially for those 10+ Hour Flights)


September 9, 2019


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3 Travel Tips I Can’t Live Without: Does anyone really enjoy traveling? Not getting to the destination, but before getting to the destination & vice versa. Do you actually like being at the airport and in the plane? Well, if not, today I’m sharing 3 Travel Tips I Can’t Live Without that make Traveling Easy. Especially for those 10+ hour flights!!
  1. Bring your own noise cancelling headphones & a sleeping mask. ‘Nuff said. Just know that it’s a game changer, especially if you intend to sleep at all. I used to never be able to sleep on planes, but I’ve slept 6+ hours continuously since using my headphones. 
  2. Bring your own form of video entertainment & music: I usually use my phone for this so I pack less, but iPads work great too! I use Spotify to download everything I want to listen to & Netflix to download what I want to watch or if I’m on an airline (like American) that allows you to tune into their entertainment from your own device, awesome. This gives you a great movie selection. Another main reason I recommend using your own device is so that you don’t hear all of the pilots updates if you don’t want to and it won’t pause your movie or show – if it’s an emergency, you’ll know.
  3. Have a travel credit card (one that gives you access to the lounges). Why lounges you ask? It makes the airport way more enjoying and relaxing. Instead of getting through security in 10 minutes and sitting at the gate for 2 hours, why not go to a lounge where it’s quiet, you can grab free snacks, drinks, & alcohol? Back to credit cards: I have 2: Chase Sapphire Reserve for business & Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite for personal (both of which have different lounges and different travel advantages). I could write a whole blog post about these travel credit cards and why you should get at least one. But I’ll narrow it down to my reasons for travel credit cards below:

a. You can use POINTS/miles to purchase flights. I’m talking, a round trip to anywhere. Of course, there are tricks to how I’ve managed to get round trip tickets to New Zealand, The Philippines, Japan, Europe, & more. Basically, just watch for good deals through a Private Browser Page on Google Flights and if possible, be flexible on dates.

b. Airport lounges

c. Free Global Entry. Plus, other travel perks like free checked bags (AA) and $300 back in any travel purchase (Sapphire Reserve).

d. No foreign transaction fees!

*Disclaimer: I don’t recommend any credit card if you can’t pay the bill off automatically every month. If you need one simply for your credit score and you can budget to pay it off every month, I’d recommend starting with a free credit card that gives you cash back. The Chase Freedom is a good place to start for this.

I so hope this post encourages you to travel and helps you enjoy traveling in general! I’d love to know what point you got the most out of in the comments below! If there’s another topic in travel tips (how to pack light, how I plan, travel items you can buy on Amazon, etc.) that you’d like for me to blog about in the future, let me know too! 

PS in case you’d like to see and/or purchase some of my favorite travel accessories, check them out here!

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