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4 Reasons to Book a Videographer with MaggShots

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May 4, 2022


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4 Reasons to Book a Videographer with MaggShots

Our lives are unfolding according to God’s perfect will and design. Each of our stories are part of His bigger picture.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video shows a thousand pictures. A wedding video isn’t just a recording of the day; it is a retelling of a story that brings you back to a moment, or a collection of moments you’ll cherish forever. From Rob’s (one of our lead videographers) own experience getting married to now, being a videographer, he has some personal and professional reasons for you to consider when deciding if you want to hire a videographer.

A Little About How Rob Got Started In Videography
From Rob: When I got married, my wife and I didn’t hire a videographer. Instead, we passed around a GoPro to capture some of our day. In attempting to edit those recordings together, I realized that the footage didn’t look like what I had envisioned in my head. That began my passion and journey into the Art of Videography, or rather, a rabbit hole that I haven’t quite found my way out of yet!

Here are some tips that I’ve found over the years that you should consider before passing up on a video for your wedding. 

Why You Should Consider a Videographer

  1. Your day goes by fast. Really fast  

I know everyone says this. You’ve probably already heard it at least ten times by now and will probably hear it one hundred more by the time your special day arrives. But, you don’t really know how true it is until you experience it for yourself.

Your wedding day is a blur. It’s the result of months and months of dreaming, planning and hard work. It’s the day you will become one in a union designed by God. It’s the day for all of your favorite people who you love and who love you, to come together in one place, celebrating the love between you and your future spouse. It is an unbelievably wonderful and magical day, despite any mishaps or things that don’t go exactly according to the plan you’ve worked so hard for. Certainly, there are moments that will be embedded in your memory forever. But there are so many that you might miss or quickly forget. Having a videographer film your wedding helps you re-live what’s sure to be the best day ever, over and over again.

  1.  You’re able to capture the “in-between” moments

Photos of your big day are so important – to capture the smiles, the love, the sweet moments. You’ll want to print photos to hang on your wall, in a frame on your desk and more. A video, however, will help capture those precious moments in between the pictures. The laughs, the music, the happy tears and everything in between. It will highlight the best memories and give you the chance to catch glimpses of your day you may have missed.  

  1.  You don’t get the day back 

If there’s one thing you don’t want after your wedding – it’s regrets. While a videographer may seem like just another thing you have to buy, you don’t get to go back and get a video later. Making the decision to get a video of your wedding day will provide you with a keepsake for years to come. Looking back, I (Rob) wish I had hired someone to document our wedding day. At least I have those GoPro videos!

4.   Working with a team has so many benefits:

    • As a team, we’ll all be in communication with you throughout your MaggShots Experience.
    • You don’t have to worry about sending the timeline or anything to and from your photographer and videographer. We’ll take care of that!
    • Less to worry about – we’ve worked together before, know how each other work on a wedding day, won’t be in each other’s way, and your contracts are all in once place
    • You’ll only have one point of contact: Maggie & the team under one company!

So, there you have it – many reasons to not only book a videographer, but 4 Reasons to Book a Videographer with MaggShots!

Hiring a videographer is a big investment. Do your research and find a videographer that you will enjoy working with and whose work you admire — we hope that’s us! 🙂

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