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August 24, 2017


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At your bridal session, it’s your time to SHINE. This is all about you getting to show off your beautiful dress and how happy you are to be getting married! It’s a time for me to get to know you better and capture just you, as beautiful as can be. Usually the location of the session is centered on where your wedding will take place, or a location that represents your personality and style. This is also the perfect opportunity to move around in your dress, making sure the alterations are just how they need to be, get your shoes broken in before the big day, and to get an idea of what your bouquet, hair, & makeup will look like on the wedding day as well. Your wedding reception is the perfect spot to show off a large canvas from your bridal session display just how gorgeous and happy you are!


  • Hire a professional for hair, makeup, and floral services – this is a great time for your trials with the vendors you’ve already hired for the wedding. It’s at this time you’ll be able to make any changes. This will ensure you to have peace of mind going into your wedding day! We also wrote a blog about trials. If you haven’t seen that yet, check it out here!

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  • Get a manicure before this session. Every girl loves to get her nails done especially when it has to do with an event happening in your life! This is THE event. 😉 You will want to get them done specifically for this occasion so when we take close ups, and any of you holding your bouquet, your nails will look amazing!
  • Bring your veil without having your hair stylist clip it in – we will be taking it off and on during your session and don’t want it to ruin your already styled-to-perfection hair!

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  • To go off of the hair talk. If you dye your hair you will want to make sure that your roots are dyed for the bridal session too!
  • Be yourself, relax, and let your personality show! These images need to represent you! You don’t have to be a model to look amazing and comfortable in a shoot. It’s my job to pose you and direct you so you’re comfortable and look your best! Being relaxed and having fun is the best thing you can do for yourself! You will love your images even more if you do.

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  • Bring a close friend and/or family member to help you throughout the session. Whether its getting into the dress, carrying around your bouquet or dress, or even just to have someone there to make you laugh (other than me), its always great to have someone you are close and comfortable with there! We also love getting to meet your family and friends before the wedding day – it’s fun knowing more people going into your big day!


  • Make sure you plan enough time to get your hair and makeup done, pick up your bouquet, and account for traffic. We will want as much time during the golden hour (the best time of day) as possible!
  • Eat beforehand. Then brush teeth. ;). You are going to be walking and moving around a lot during the shoot, so make sure you have the energy because you will be tired after walking around with a wedding dress on!
  • Bring bottled water, a battery-powered mini fan, and extra lipstick. It gets hot very easily in a dress with many layers! So, be prepared, just in case!
  • Create a checklist for the day so you don’t forget anything important! It gives you a peace of mind and you won’t have to worry about forgetting something!
  • If you color your hair you will want to make sure that your roots are covered before the shoot!
  • Whitening your teeth before a shoot is always a great idea because who doesn’t want to have pearly whites?

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  • Have your ring cleaned before the session so that it sparkles! You want that ring to shine bright when doing your bridals!
  • If you haven’t chosen your location yet, and you want to go somewhere meaningful, outside of DFW, I’m ALWAYS up for traveling – anywhere! 🙂

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We hope these tips are super helpful in planning the perfect bridal shoot!







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