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Bride & Groom Tips | Wedding Planning Services | Cady

Bride & Groom Tips

May 8, 2018


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The Wedding TIMELINE guide

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Bride & Groom Tips | Wedding Planning Services | Cad

Here is a tips blog written by Cady from Lacebark Events. We wanted to give you a professional planners advice and tips so you can better understand and know what you need from your planner and/or coordinator!


As a wedding planner, I get the question constantly asking why do we need a planner? Well, it really depends on a few things. Some brides need to have complete control over all of the planning and have everything figured out. Some have no idea where to begin. Having a planner or coordinator is a great idea to make sure that no details are over looked and that you have someone there the day of your wedding to make the experience as smooth as possible.


When I meet with a couple for their consultation, I like to hear all of their details, no matter how big or small. My approach to taking on new clients is to make a connection with them that is friendly and trustworthy. I want for my clients to feel like they can approach me with any and every question, no matter how silly they think it may be! I love helping couples make their budgets work and finding the perfect vendors to execute their vision of their wedding day. Here is a cheat sheet guide to choosing what service level is necessary for your planning.


Wedding Planning Services:

What are the differences and what do we need?


You’re finally engaged! Congratulations and let the planning begin!! All couples are different when it comes to what assistance they need to complete their wedding planning. How do you decide between all of the packages offered by planners and what do they even mean? Here’s a bit about each stage in the planning process and where as a couple you need assistance to begin, or complete your planning.


Full Planning Services are for the bride and groom that have little or limited time to plan their own wedding. These packages include a set number of meetings with the couple and planner, unlimited phone calls/e-mails, creating your theme, choosing vendors, vendor communication and negotiations, timeline creation, décor and floor plan set-up and so many more details. The planner is by your side throughout the entire process and can be as involved as you’d like.


Partial Planning Services are for the couples that have the major details of their wedding covered already. Basically, you hit a stopping point where you just can’t figure out the rest of the details on your own. That’s where partial planning comes in. The planner can step in and help you find those vendors you’re missing, make recommendations, and take over the rest of the details up to and including all of your day of coordination.


Day/Month Of Services are for the couples that just got it all figured out on their own! Congratulations, you’re ahead of the game! Even when you’ve planned your entire wedding on your own, it’s always important to have someone there the day before and the day of to take care of all the minor details. Day of Coordinators check in all of your vendors, handle any and all problems that may arise that day, keep everyone on the timeline that was created, and so many more things!


Keep in mind, all planners are different, personalities have to mesh with each other and it’s okay to meet with several different planners. Make sure that you really connect and feel comfortable with not only the planner themselves, but every decision that you make throughout the process.


We hope this blog helped you and wanted to thank Cady for her helpful tips! Don’t forget to check Cady out for her wedding planning services!






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