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September 5, 2017


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Thinking about hiring a wedding planner? Maybe you haven’t even thought about hiring one? Let us help you. Wedding planners are a life saver!! They make all the days leading up to your big days so much easier! Here are some reasons why hiring a wedding planner is highly suggested!

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Less Stress

This reason is obvious. Planning a wedding is stressful no matter what, but if you have a wedding planner it becomes so much easier! Rather than all the vendors calling you with question after question, they will call the wedding planner who knows everything that is going to be happening counting down to the wedding day. You are already stressed about the wedding. Let someone else deal with all of the other stuff so you can enjoy the rest of your time as an engaged couple!

They will Help Plan the Entire Day

It is a wedding planners job to plan your wedding (hint as to why their job title says “wedding planner”), but some venues have wedding planners that they offer for you to use. The difference between those planners and the planners we’re talking about is – They plan the ENTIRE day, not just what the venue is in charge of. This is an important thing to think about. Venue wedding planners typically take care of the things that the venue is in charge of, not any of the vendors that come from the outside of the venue.

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Save you Money –

Having a wedding planner can save you money! They will guide you to make the right decision so you don’t go over budget and so you can have more money for other things for your wedding day! They know what they are doing. They can also negotiate with vendors.

Time –

Between your job, fiancé, family, pets, Netflix, workouts, and hopefully eating, you are already busy enough and having to research vendors and work with money is the last thing you want to do after getting home from work. A full-time wedding planner will be taking care of all of the research, emails, and phone calls between all of the vendors and in the end present you with the top picks for what you are looking for!

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Vendor Recommendations –

Wedding Planners work with many other vendors. They have relationships with these vendors and will know which ones are the best for you and which ones wouldn’t work.

Timeline –

You know exactly what you want to happen on your big day, but you don’t know how much time is needed for everything. Don’t worry! Your wedding planner will have a timeline that covers everything you want and it will be shared with all the vendors and the planners contact information will be on there so if someone has a question they won’t bother you!

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Problem Solving –

It’s your wedding day and the sky looks as if its going to cry like your mother will because you are getting married. Great. What do you do now? No worries! Your wedding planner is one step ahead of you with a plan for this type of thing. They will have a tent company on stand by or has already talked with the venue to ensure that you and your fiancé still have a beautiful day!

These are just some reasons to hire a wedding planner. There are many more! We hope that this blog helps you finalize the decision to hire one or make you start thinking about hiring one. You won’t regret it!


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