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Year in Review | 2018 Business Goals & Highlights

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December 31, 2018


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One of my favorite parts of the end of a year is looking back on the best parts of the previous year and setting bigger goals for the upcoming year. It’s like it gives me a little thrill and I get pumped for what’s to come! I enjoy sharing some of the highlights that happened and goals I was able to achieve. 2018 was amazing, one of the best years I’ve had in live & as a photographer. I have so much to be thankful for and I can’t wait for 2019 & all it has in store already!

Business Highlights

  • Best year yet, business-wise!
  • I photographed 31 weddings, which was more than ever & I would love to keep this up for 2019.
  • Traveled for work more than ever! Detroit, Nashville, Portland, and Colorado Springs all for beautiful engagement sessions and weddings! It was awesome. Next year’s goal would be to keep this up and add a few out of the country shoots & weddings.
  • I was asked to photograph a couple celebrities this year, one of which is the very well-known, actress, Uma Thurman! She’s so down to earth and is so sweet.
  • After several DIY websites, I finally invested in a custom build by Interactive Exposure. It took be forever to finally finish it, but I did early this year. Thank you Larry & Joe!
  • I celebrated 10 years in business as a photographer! Time sure flies! I’m so thankful to be able to do what I love and document so many great memories for others to look back on for years & generations to come!
  • Even after losing a huge helping hand, I was able to manage my time well and still deliver every wedding, fully edited within 2 weeks and blog 75-150 images by the Tuesday following the wedding. It was difficult, and involved lots of late nights, but my incentive to do this all on my own (without outsourcing anything) was to pay off my car, which I did! What a relief to be debt-free, other than our house and Daniel’s truck. Worth it!

2018 Business Goals Accomplished

  • Plan for weekends off before/after busy seasons – last year, my only weekends off were when I was out of town, other than maybe one weekend. I couldn’t let that happen again.
  • Finish new wedding welcome packet in InDesign – I’ve been wanting to learn InDesign for YEARS and finally did it with the help from a friend. 🙂
  • Be more intentional and inspirational on Instagram – I didn’t want to go overboard with being super “influential” and straying away from my clients/photography, so this was my goal & I think I did pretty well!

Numbers Goals Accomplished

  • Second shoot a max of 10 weddings (no more) – I’ve had years where I just said “yes” to everyone and at year’s end, I’m beat. But not this year! I toned it way down from typically second shooting every weekend I didn’t have a wedding booked (which was usually about 25-30 per year), to having just 9 I second shot this year. I felt so much better come the end of the wedding season.
  • Keep putting $$$ toward retirement each month – because small business owners don’t get 401k’s from their employer, I make sure I put money into an IRA. Mine is through Schwab and it was easy to set up!
  • Stay ahead and on top of IRS taxes – being in debt with the IRS is so easy to do because we have to account for 35-40% of everything that comes in the door. It’s best to track your earnings and pay in quarterly so you aren’t scared with a 5 digit number come tax season! I ask my CPA what to expect when it comes to the actual dollar amount.
  • Book 30 weddings for 2018 – I was so happy to hit this goal! I feel like each year my goal was set to high, but I finally found where I’m comfortable.
  • Book 35-40 sessions (not including bridals & engagements) – with over 50 engagement & bridal session, I set this goal for a reason. I was right within the numbers and was pleased with not over working.

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