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Bride & Groom Tips | Should You Plan a First Look?

Bride & Groom Tips

March 10, 2017


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5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a First Look vs. Going Traditional

Why should you do a first look? And what is a first look?

The first look happens before the ceremony and is the first time you see each other. This is in private and is shared just between you two (and me with my quiet, ninja-like camera) in a setting I or your photographer chooses based on best lighting and you preference.

Some brides and grooms may be indecisive of first look because of tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. It can also be because of wanting to get their initial reaction when walking down the aisle. But, you may change your mind based on these reasons listed about why you should do a first look (because the main reason to not do a first look is tradition ;))!

1. More Photos – What better way to get more photos than by doing a first look?! Those moments are so special because it is the beginning of soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Those candid photos will hold beautiful moments when you look back to your wedding album. Since it’s before the ceremony, you both will look your freshest, so the photos will be the best at this time. Plus, you’ll have time to freshen up before walking the aisle if you need to!
Wedding at Rustic Grace Estate, Wedding Photography by MaggShots Photography, DFW Wedding PhotographerWedding at Rustic Grace Estate, Wedding Photography by MaggShots Photography, DFW Wedding Photographer2. Less Nerves – This is the big day. Both of of you have waited to plan your wedding and it has been a stressful but exciting ride. When doing a first look, it can help to calm your nerves before the ceremony begins. It helps to see your significant other and be able to talk and cry before stepping in front of everyone. Going the traditional route, you’ll still get great images, but probably not nearly as many intimate moments and probably not as great of a reaction from either party unless you two are super emotional. The nerves of walking the aisle will be less worrisome and then you can simply look forward to and enjoy your ceremony.

Wedding at the Milestone in Denton , DFW Wedding Photographer , MaggShots PhotographyWedding at the Milestone in Krum, DFW Wedding Photographer , MaggShots Photography3. More Time for Fun, Less Time to Stress – By doing a first look it will save time so you won’t have to be running late for your own reception. Now that’s a relief! Your wedding will be like a blur and it is no harm wanting to spend some time with your significant other before the day begins. This is the time of day where you can be alone and talk before the ceremony begins. You will be busy throughout the day being surrounded and attending guests. This is the chance to spend more hours of the day with the person you love!
Hidden Pines Chapel Wedding | Flower Mound Wedding Photographer, MaggShots PhotographyHidden Pines Chapel Wedding | Flower Mound Wedding Photographer, MaggShots Photography4. Plan Ahead – A first look can give you the option to schedule all your wedding party photos & family formals before going to the ceremony, so afterwards all the formal images are just the two of you at sunset. Your guests won’t have to wait for your all of your family photos to be taken. You will also be early for your cocktail hour or reception! It helps to have more time to capture the portraits of just you two!

Wedding Photography at Piazza in the Village, Lewisville Wedding Photographer, MaggShots Photography

5. Getting Comfortable – You will most likely spend all day in your wedding dress, might as well start getting comfortable! This can serve as a trial run to walk around in your dress before having to go out in the ceremony in front of all your guests. You will be prepared to go and conquer the day!MaggShots, MaggShots Photography, Professional Photographer, Cross Timbers Winery, DFW Wedding Photographer, Destination Wedding Photographer






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