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Bride & Groom Tips | 5 Tips on Why Brides Should Hire Professional Hair and Makeup Artists

Bride & Groom Tips

February 28, 2017


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5 Tips on Why Brides Should Hire Professional Hair and Makeup Artists
Are you on the fence about hiring a professional hair & makeup artist on your wedding day? If so, I hope these 5 reasons will help change your mind. So, keep reading and see why it’s SUCH a good idea to hire a pro vs. hiring or having a (non pro) friend help you out, or doing it yourself just to have a couple hundred bucks. This is one thing NOT to DIY because, trust me, it’s SO worth the extra money, considering it’s only a small percentage of your entire wedding budget.
1. Photo Ready
Hiring a professional makeup artist and hair stylist ensures that you look your best in the photos. If you hired me, you obviously value imagery and portraits, and the two add-ons being hair + makeup just go hand in hand. With hiring a professional makeup and hair stylist, you’ll be so glad you did when you see your images from me or your photographer. Your photographer will make sure you are photographed at your best angles, but adding makeup especially can change the way you look in different angles for the better! Contouring is huge, y’all. A professional makeup artist also knows what color combination should be used and blending colors to make your skin look flawless to be photo ready! You will be so glad you invested in both a pro makeup & hair artist when you see your portraits!
2. Easily Determining Your Look
Deciding on a look that will enhance your facial features is sometimes difficult when it comes to getting prepared for the wedding. The professional hair and makeup artist will meet with you before the actual wedding day (at your trial) to decide on your look so you won’t be worried. You don’t have to worry about applying that eyeliner evenly with nervous, shaky hands either!
3. Quality That Lasts All Day
They know which products that work and which ones not to use. They don’t cheap out on products and will use high quality brands that won’t let you down for the day. Since they do this for a living, they know what looks & works best. Whether your wedding is in a humid day or in the cold winter, they will know what products to use for those flyways, and you will be ready to party all day long. They also know which products will last all day so you don’t have to worry about anything running, smearing, or blemishes coming through toward the end of the night.
4. Trial Run
When dealing with a professional makeup artist, do schedule a trial run because they have to know before hand what products and colors work best for your skin type. The trial run is perfect to do before your bridal or engagement sessions with the hair stylist and makeup artist to ensure that you love the look BEFORE your wedding day. I recommend this to ALL of my brides. Suggest the types of looks that you are wanting to have at your trial, and the makeup & hair stylist will create the look you want. They will also give you tips on how to prep your skin before the wedding day so your skin looks radiant! This is also a time to get to know your hair & makeup artists before the wedding day – who doesn’t love making new friends?! Come the wedding day, you want to absolutely love the way you look, and if you don’t, this can lead to time constraints which can lead to running behind on the wedding day, which leads to the final point.
5. Less Stress!
Overall, no one wants to be stressed on their wedding day! Hiring the professional hair and makeup artist will give you the time to relax and not feel rushed while preparing for the big day. They will make sure your hair and makeup is ready on time so you can start portraits when scheduled. The process will go smoother and keep you in a positive mood throughout the day!
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