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Bride & Groom Tips | Top 5 Things to do After You Put a Ring on it

Bride & Groom Tips

July 19, 2017

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The Wedding TIMELINE guide

I've put together a few ideal wedding day timelines for you to look through!



So, you’re engaged and have to plan the big day! Planning a wedding is a lot of work so you might not know where to start!

Picture your day – How do you want your pictures to look? What is the feel you are going for? Rustic, Elegant, Great Gatsby? So many options can be overwhelming, but it’s best talk about it with your fiancé and see what both of you are interested in and what you do not want to have in your wedding! As a photographer, it is important for us to capture every little detail that is happening so you can look back and relive that amazing day! Don’t stress over it!

Timeline – This is very important not only for you but for the photographer! Timelines are how we stay organized and on top of things! They also are a checklist so you won’t feel like you’re forgetting something! The timeline is strictly in the photographers and planners hands. You have nothing to worry about! But, think about a few things when scheduling your day: 1. When the sun sets and if you want portraits around this time. 2. Have you thought about a first look or just going traditional? Read all about that here if you’re on the fence or just want to know more about it! 3. What time your exit is and when the venue needs to be cleaned (usually it’s only an hour of clean up).

These are just a few things to talk to your planner and photographer about so they can help you set a timeline and for when your ceremony needs to start.

Vendors to Hire First – Now that you (hopefully) have a date set you can now move on to vendors! All vendors are important but here are my top three are what I and many others believe are the most important to hire first! Venue – this one is pretty obvious because, well, you need a place to have your ceremony and party at, unless it is a private estate in the family, of course! Planner – now this one is important because a planner helps you with everything! They are a saving grace when you feel like you are drowning in stress! Photographer – you might not think that a photographer is something you should hire first but coming from a photographer, we get BUSY! Our weekends fill up and most of us have people hiring us a out up to a year and a half in advance of their wedding! These three things that make your wedding so much easier and nicer are very important to get asap! When hiring each other of these people you want to make sure that they all get along and work well together. You do not want any conflict between the photographer and the planner, or the planner and the venue. If you have all of these things but one, ask whoever you have hired if they have any recommendations, the most definitely will!

Engagement Portraits – Engagement portraits are so much fun to do because it gives the photographer a chance to interact with you two in front of camera. This also gives you a chance to get a feel for the photographer and how they direct different poses before the wedding day! Engagement portraits can also be used for their save the dates and maybe even a canvas to use in their home or at the wedding. These portraits could also be used for a guestbook made for the wedding day with your engagement portraits for the guests sign around the images. It is always fun to have an engagement session to use as a way to announce your engagement if you haven’t already!

Enjoy The Moment – Even though planning a wedding is stressful and very time consuming. Don’t let it ruin you being engaged! This is such an exciting time for you and your loved one, enjoy it! You will love being engaged, and the excitement for getting married to your best friend will make it even better!





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